Women’s Basketball Comes to Gilead House

We would like to thank Michael Evans for sharing his group of teenage basketball players with the Gilead House families this summer. He runs a nonprofit called Ubiquity Alliance that brings teenage girls from all over the world to the US for summer programs that use basketball as a path to education and empowerment

The Gilead House kids were thrilled to meet the team which included young women from the Congo, Sweden, Norway, and Marin County. They played games outside and worked on dribbling and passing skills. Inside, they spent time together working with clay.  It was wonderful to see a table full of children intent on their projects, excited to have teenagers present, and encouraged by their attention!

It was particularly moving when one of the Gilead House residents from the Ivory Coast, reached out to the women from the Congo, speaking their native language.  She exchanged phone numbers and offered to keep in touch and help them in any way during their stay. It was really wonderful to see community being built as they talked together.

A special thank you to Ginger Strickland from St. John’s Episcopal Church who helped make this event happen. We appreciate you and your faithful support of Gilead House.