Wednesday Night – “Community Connections”

Every Wednesday night the Gilead House moms and kids gather together to visit and participate in activities with volunteers from Children for Change – a San Anselmo based Club dedicated to serving others both locally and globally. Several families have committed to providing a “Community Connections” program at Gilead House. Volunteers come to the house for an hour each Wednesday to play games, color, talk, and do whatever interests the moms and kids.

The Children for Change volunteers, moms and children alike, have modeled excellent, relaxed home behavior. They interact with each other in a manner that is silly, fun, and respectful. Basically, they can just be kids and play. It is a wonderful example of healthy living for the Gilead House moms and kids and they are enjoying the friendships and embracing the fun. It is a highlight of every week.

It takes a community for the Gilead House program to be successful. Thank you Children for Change for bringing your team and joining our community.