Thank you Southern Marin Mothers Club!

The Southern Marin Mothers Club (SMMC) has chosen Gilead House to partner with for their 2018-2019 fundraising term. SMMC’s 1300+ person membership is run entirely through the efforts of 80+ enthusiastic mom and dad volunteers. They walk the talk and engage in meaningful philanthropic work to benefit local nonprofits that support parents, children, and families—Gilead House is grateful for their support! 

SMMC’s Director of Philanthropy, Vanessa, says, “Every single member of SMMC understands how important it is to have a support network when raising kids – that’s initially what brought us all together. Despite our differing backgrounds, we know that every single mother needs help from time to time and that it truly ‘takes a village’ to raise a kid.” That inclusive, supportive mindset is what led SMMC to arrange for all proceeds from their participation in our PLAE-it-forward (PIF) program to benefit Gilead House. Want to be a part of SMMC’s and Gilead House’s village and help transform the lives of homeless single mothers and their children? Use checkout code GIVE721 today to donate 10% of your PLAE purchase to Gilead House.

Check out the Southern Marin Mothers Club website HERE