Priscilla – Update

 Priscilla lived at a domestic violence shelter before coming to Gilead House (GH), subsequently spending 2 ½ years at Gilead House before graduating from the program and launching out on her own with her two children.

“For the first time, we felt protected and safe.”

   Priscilla’s life transformed at GH to a life of new and better opportunities. She was amazed that there were people that were not only willing, but actually desired to help a monolingual immigrant like herself. Her goal was to become independent and to become a chef – with a positive impact on income and with the help of financial Life Skills classes and the emotional support of her mentor and GH Staff, her dream became a reality. Today, Priscilla is a chef, having trained and become certified in the Culinary of Fine Arts field – thanks to her team of support who have provided her with referrals and guidance to resources available in Marin. 

   Priscilla believes the two turning points in her life were 1) when she moved into GH and 2) when she moved to the Leafwood Center. Moving to GH Leafwood Center marked a tangible beginning of her independence. She and her children had a sense of security, safety, and togetherness as they journeyed towards healing alongside other GH families facing similar challenges. Priscilla experienced positive changes in her sense of self and the ability to recognize her strengths – she is brave and a risk-taker. She left her “comfort zone” and opted for growth.

“My kids learned that they were not the only ones who were facing the same challenges as a family”

    Presently, Priscilla is awaiting immigration papers to the USA which will provide even more career opportunities as a legal resident. Her current goal is to purchase a home and open a childcare facility and is planning to begin taking the required classes to become a licensed childcare facility.

   The entire Gilead House community is so proud of Priscilla’s success and know there is even more to come. We are cheering you on, Priscilla!