Gilead House Olive Oil

Enjoy award-winning and locally harvested

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

♦ Voted Marin Magazine’s Editor’s Choice in 2010 ♦

With a $30 donation to Gilead House you can enjoy delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all proceeds going to charity.

A Labor or Love

Each Fall, 100 plus volunteers head out to the beautiful Napa Valley to hand pick olives for this award winning olive oil (2010 voted Marin Magazine’s Editor’s Choice).  It is a time to be with friends and family among the groves of olive trees.  Once pressed, more volunteers gather around to help with corking and labeling the olive oil.  It is truly a labor of love.

Gilead House Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an unfiltered, cold pressed blend of 7 Tuscan varietals.  Each 375ml bottle contains fresh pressed olives which are locally harvested through a joint partnership with West Wind Wines. It is great for salads, cooking, grilled vegetables, or just drizzled over bread. It’s a great gift idea for yourself and friends! Supply is limited, so order soon.

Requested Donation of $30.00 per bottle.

100% of your donation supports the women and children at Gilead House.

To order, contact the Gilead House office at 415-895-5575 or email

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