“My whole life I have been working so hard. I just want to have a stable life.”

About Tiffany

  • Children: Lawrence, 10-year-old son
  • Profession: Bay Alarm Company Fire Inspector II
  • Time at Gilead House: 8 months

Tiffany is a survivor. Before coming to Gilead House, Tiffany and her son were living in an abusive home. Despite the fearsome home life, she carried on trying to do it all—working full-time, attending school full-time, and caring for her son. As with all abusive relationships, it was never enough. Tiffany’s abuser hurt her physically and robbed her of dignity and self-respect. It took years before Tiffany decided that something must change.

“That was when I said, no more.” 

When Tiffany and her son left, they had nowhere to go. They lived out of their car and moved from shelter to shelter. They periodically slept on the couches and floors of friends and family. She was unable to afford housing due to the large debt she had accrued. Fortunately, she found Gilead House.

Since arriving, Tiffany and her son have been able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have a warm bed to sleep in, a community that makes them feel safe, and a brighter future ahead of them. Tiffany is paying off debt, saving money, and regaining her confidence.

“Even though the journey has been tough, I am working hard for my son and I will never give up.”

The journey for Tiffany is not over. She needs your support to continue the pursuit toward financial stability and independence. You make it possible.