Meet Savannah


“Gilead House helped me keep my sanity and put positive opportunities in my way to help me grow.”

About Savannah

  • Children: 3 Daughters (13, 8, and 2)
  • Profession: Leasing Agent
  • Time at Gilead House: 3 months

Over the last several years, Savannah and her daughters lived in cars, hotels, shelters, and with relatives. After being separated and displaced for a long time, Savannah’s family decided to come to Gilead House to regain stability and begin moving forward.

“I learned to not let my fear define me or take over who I am.”

Savannah threw herself fully into the program in an effort to make positive changes for herself and her daughters. She credits the Life Skills Workshops for teaching her how to conduct herself in an interview, write a resume, and dress professionally.

Savannah’s Children

Savannah’s daughters have flourished since coming to Gilead House. They feel safe and welcome, have been able to grow together as a family, and rest easily
in a comforting home environment where they are able to go in the backyard and play with the friends they have made in the house.

It was incredibly exciting when Savannah was able to be reunited with one of her daughters after being separated for six months. The other moms in the house rejoiced with her and welcomed her daughter with love and hugs.

“My goal is to give my kids what Gilead House has given me—a safety net.”  

Working Together

Gilead House gives HOPE to moms like Savannah who blossom with the love and support of community. By providing empowering life skills programs, mentoring, and transitional housing, lives are transformed and families are staying together. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of homeless single moms and their children.