Meet Roxanna


“I have an opportunity to feel safe”

About Roxanna

  • Children: 2 daughters, ages 3 and 5 years old
  • Profession: Housekeeper
  • Time at Gilead House: 3 months

Roxanna came to Gilead House determined to make changes, become a better mom, and fight for her children. She needed a safe and stable place to live in order to regain custody of her two little girls—who had been taken away from her just 6 months prior. Upon acceptance into the program, she was able to be reunited with her children and restore her family.

“I believe I’m supposed to be here now.”


Working Together

Gilead House empowers moms like Roxanna who need a safe place to live, restore their families, and take control of their lives. By providing transitional housing, life skills education, and mentoring, lives are changing and families are staying together. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of homeless single moms and their children.

Gilead House is a place of refuge and healing for the entire family. They are finally together, safe, and surrounded by strong and supportive women. Roxanna feels empowered as a woman and mom—to raise daughters who will know their own personal power and believe in their abilities.