Meet Priscilla


“I have learned that I am very brave, and ‘yes, I can.'”

About Priscilla:

  • Children: 10 year old son and 14 year old daughter 
  • Profession: Cook
  • Time at Gilead House: 7 Months
Priscilla is the first monolingual, Spanish speaking mom at Gilead House. When she arrived she spoke minimal English, was working two low paying jobs, and struggled to pay bills.
“When I entered Gilead House, my life started to change.”
Volunteer, Gail VanAdelsburg, began to come to Gilead House on a regular basis and has been pivotal in the growth and improvement of Priscilla’s English skills. Gail’s tutoring has been invaluable and she is a constant support and encouragement to the entire family.
“My mentor helped me find new opportunities.”
With help from volunteers, staff, and the Gilead House program, Priscilla has gained confidence and sought new job opportunities. She has recently enrolled in the Fresh Starts Culinary Academy. After completing the intensive 8-week course, she will be prepared to be a professional chef and have the ability to increase her earnings.
“My goal is to be independent, become a chef, and find a proper house.”
With proficiency in English and increased professional training, Pricilla is changing her life. Through persistence and hard work, doors are starting to open for her, she is finding her path, and moving forward with renewed confidence as an independent woman and mom.

Working Together:

Gilead House brings life-changing programs to moms who are willing to work hard, learn new skills, and improve their situation. Thanks to dedicated volunteers, staff, and financial supporters HOPE is given to families and lives are changing for good.