Meet Lydia


“Living at Gilead House has given my son and me hope, love, and a roof over our heads.”

About Lydia

  • Children: One son, three-years-old
  • Profession: Customer Service Team, Whole Foods
  • Time at Gilead House: 5 months

Imagine living under a bridge—cold, damp, and vulnerable.

This was reality for Lydia and her son just one year ago. On March 15, 2017, Lydia decided to make a change, leave an abusive relationship, and find help.  Her pursuit brought her to Gilead House where her life has been transformed.

“I am blessed and fortunate to have Life Skills classes.”

Having a safe home and a second chance has been life-changing for Lydia. Life Skills classes have been critical to her growth and healing, providing a “family-like” environment with other moms who are dedicated and committed to making positive changes for their families.

“I consider myself very lucky and feel that I have the best mentor.”

The love and encouragement of her mentor has been incredibly supportive for Lydia. She admires her mentor greatly and is appreciative of her accessibility, positive attitude, and constructive advice. It has been a perfect match and a wonderful friendship.

 “Gilead House has given me encouragement to continue day by day, no matter what was in my past.”

Professionally, Lydia is thriving. She is working as a Customer Service Team Member at Whole Foods, while also attending Fresh Starts Culinary Academy. She is expected to complete the 10-week course at the end of January and will be prepared to expand her career in the culinary industry. Her dream is to someday own and run her own food truck.

“Gilead House has given me the opportunity to be a strong, positive, confident, respected, and valued mother and woman.”

Lydia’s Son

Lydia’s son has been transformed during his time at Gilead House. He sleeps better and no longer suffers from terrible nightmares. He is more independent, loving, self-confident, and sociable.

“Now that I see my son is safe and happy, I will enjoy it and be happy with him.”  (Lydia)

Working Together

Positive change happens when we work together to serve the most vulnerable in our community—homeless single moms and their children. Your support brings healing, triumph, and hope to moms like Lydia who work hard and make positive changes for their families.