Meet Leticia

“Gilead House gives me hope and supports me by being there and having the right resources.”

About Leticia

  • Children: 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter
  • Profession: Food service
  • Time at Gilead House: 3 months

After a turbulent life flooded by drugs, crime, and chronic homelessness, Leticia found herself at a crossroad. She needed to make a decision to get help or lose her children and her future. Leticia began her journey of healing by completing a recovery program and regaining custody of her two children.

Coming to Gilead House was the next step for Leticia and her family. Gilead House allowed them a space to feel the hope of a bright future and provided support and resources to move forward.

“I am learning to save and work on building my credit.” 

In the months she has been at Gilead House, Leticia says that she is not as stressed out and is beginning to see her self worth. Instead of just being in survival mode, she has been able to slow down and really focus on her relationship with her children and the ways that she can comfort, advocate, and provide for them.

“I have leaned that I’m a good mom and a good person and I have a lot to offer this world.”

Leticia is setting attainable goals for herself and her children. After working in the restaurant industry for years, she made the goal to have a career where she no longer has to be on her feet all day. She is also taking steps to find long term, safe housing for her family.

Leticia’s Children

Since coming to Gilead House, Leticia’s children are thriving and feeling more secure. Rather than experiencing anxiety and worry, emotions that often disturb homeless children, they are feeling a sense of calm and peace.

Leticia is grateful for the love and attention that her kids are receiving at Gilead House.

Working Together

Gilead House gives HOPE to moms like Leticia who blossom with the love and support of community. By providing empowering life skills programs, mentoring, and transitional housing, lives are transformed and families are staying together. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of homeless single moms and their children.