Meet Jane


“I have learned that I am strong, independent, and that I can do it. I know that God has a freedom plan from the abuse and there is no challenge that I can’t overcome.”

About Jane

  • Children: 9 year old son
  • Profession: Disabled
  • Time at Gilead House: 12 Months

Jane’s story is one of fear, abuse, and trauma. Before coming to Gilead House, she found herself in a toxic relationship and knew that she needed to get out to save herself and her son.

“I really want to be healed as fast as I can. I don’t want to survive on government assistance. I want to return to my career.” 

Jane arrived at Gilead House in distress. Her mentor and GH staff were quickly able to come alongside her and develop a wellness plan to help her heal from a brain injury, fractured arm, and PTSD. She is thankful to have found care providers to assist and encourage her to slow down and be patient throughout the healing process. Since arriving, she has gained the ability to drive her son to school and herself to doctor appointments instead of relying on Whistlestop. Over time, her strength has increased along with her joy.

“I feel supported because the Gilead House (Volunteer Prayer Team) prays that everything will be alright.”

Jane feels Gilead House is set apart from the other care facilities and programs in the area because of it’s faith values. She has received great support from her local church and feels cared for and covered in prayer. Knowing that the Gilead House Volunteer Prayer Team meets monthly to pray for all the moms and children in the program is also incredibly meaningful and empowering to her.

Jane’s Son

Jane has seen vast improvements in her son’s disposition. Upon arrival, he was unsure, insecure, and anxious. He now is more confident and is learning to adjust to new relationships. He has a group of people that have rallied behind him and are advocating for him so that he can grow and move forward in healing.

Working Together

Positive change happens when we work together to serve the most vulnerable in our community—homeless single moms and their children. Your support brings healing, triumph, and hope to moms like Jane who work hard, make change, and thrive. Thank you for making a difference.