In Her Own Words

A personal interview with Gilead House mom, Erin

How has Gilead House helped you?

“I feel like I am at home and loved. I’m used to feeling burdensome when staying with other people. It’s nice to feel at ease and in a safe place. It feels like the moms are all sisters.”

What have you learned since coming to Gilead House?

“When things go wrong. I can trust that it is going to be ok. I am in a safe place for this to happen. My biggest fear is to be homeless again. Bad things happen to women in shelters and on the street. I have been in shelters and on the streets in Napa, Vallejo and Fairfield. I remember living in the stairwell of a hotel. Working on my life at GH will help that not happen again.” 

What have you accomplished while at Gilead House?

“I was able to secure a new job earning more money. I am also preparing to enroll in nursing school at college of Marin.”

What impact has Gilead House had on your daughter?

“Emma is happier, and because of community support we receive, she is not as moody as she used to be. She is enjoying school and helps others there. She also takes ballet at Stapleton, thanks to a donor gift. She would not have been able to do that before. It’s exciting. She will be dancing in the Nutcracker this year.”

What are your plans/goals for the future?

“I want to become a nurse. I dream of having a house one day with farm animals and a garden.”

Working Together

The journey for Erin and Emma is not over. Your love and support are critical to their success. You make this happen. You can change the course of Erin’s life and many others with a gift of any size.

Thank you for caring and making a difference.

This season and always, we are grateful for you!