Meet Elizabeth


“When I came to Gilead House I didn’t have a lot of strength, didn’t have faith in myself. I was scared. I knew Gilead House was my last hope and I was willing to give it my all.”

Elizabeth, Gilead House Mom

About Elizabeth:

  • Children: 2 girls, 7 and 5 years old
  • Profession: Front Office Medical Assistant
  • Time at Gilead House: 22 Months, now lives at GH-II

Elizabeth’s Story:

Elizabeth came to Gilead House as most homeless moms do—feeling scared, powerless, and inadequate as a parent. She didn’t believe in herself and underestimated her abilities.

Since moving to Gilead House nearly 2 years ago, her life has changed dramatically. She has grown personally and professionally and has become a better mom. She is stable for the first time in years and building a solid future for her two girls.

“The best thing about Gilead House is the support and information that they provide.”

Through Life Skills training and a positive mentor, Elizabeth, has gained confidence and is better able to navigate the challenges of everyday life.  With the encouragement and support of her mentor and staff, she has changed jobs, increased her wages, and empowered herself.

“It takes a lot of work to live here, and a strong commitment, but I have support and am able to talk things over with my mentor and staff members.”

Elizabeth’s Children:


As a parent, Elizabeth has learned to be more assertive and develop trust with her girls. Her youngest daughter has special needs, and she is now able to successfully advocate for her and make sure she gets the services she requires. Both of her girls have received emotional support while at Gilead House and are thriving today. They are happy, stable, and trusting of their mom.

Working Together:

Homeless moms suffer from feelings of despair, inadequacy, and fear. Through quality educational programs, supportive mentors and staff, and encouraging volunteers, Gilead House is giving HOPE to these moms. Having HOPE helps them acknowledge the past, but look toward the future—trusting that things will get better and knowing that they do not walk the path alone.