Meet Christina

“Gilead House has allowed me to give my child the stability he was needing after moving to several different locations throughout his young life.” 

About Christina

  • Children: one son, 4 years-old
  • Profession: Leasing Consultant
  • Time at Gilead House:  3 months

Christina left Center for Domestic Peace in October 2018 and found herself homeless…again. She was ready to work hard and moved to Gilead House wanting to embrace all that the program had to offer.

“Gilead House has taught me so much in the short time I’ve been here. I’ve learned to connect and find support in other women who have struggled with similar obstacles. I have learned how to trust others and myself. More importantly, I’ve learned to communicate with my child in an effective way to prepare him for the future with confidence and love.”

In just 3 months, Christina has…

  • Raised her credit score by almost 90 points.
  • Received her driver’s license and registered her vehicle.
  • Developed an education plan for son with the school district.
  • Opened a savings account and has started to save money.
  • Started caring for her physical and mental health.

Christina’s Son

“While moving in and out of shelters, my son was very confused, angry and sad. It hurt me deeply to see him so unhappy. (Since coming to Gilead House) he is now confident. The consistency in our lives has really given him a sense of security and he feels free. He has made a lot of friends with other children, moms and staff. He loves coming home and he looks forward to each new day.”

“We both sleep soundly knowing we will be in the same home every night.”

The journey for Christina is not over.

“As a first-generation college student, I want to continue my education for as long as necessary. I would like to work in Real Estate and Property Management. I want to show my son that when you start something you finish it…and how important college is for his future. I hope to break the poverty cycle in my family.”