Meet Cecilia

cecilia-arnie-3x5“The moment I came here everything started going in the right direction.”

About Cecilia:

  • Children: 1 son, 13 years old
  • Profession: Napa Winery Employee
  • Time at Gilead House: 2 Months

Cecilia immigrated to the United States from Spain more than a year ago. She left a stable career in Journalism to start a new adventure, not realizing how difficult it would be. Even with a Master’s degree and strong work experience, Cecilia was not able to find gainful employment and found herself struggling to make ends meet. In time, she lost everything and was desperate for help.

When Cecilia came to Gilead House she was depleted. She needed a place to land—a place to call home. Once this basic need was met, she began to blossom and believe in herself. She received support from staff and her mentor and began to hope again.

“I have come to the realization that I am capable. I can do it! I had lost everything and was in a difficult position. All that I had left was my strength.”

Cecilia’s supportive mentor was critical in her finding a new job. She encouraged her to apply for a job at a Napa winery—one that specialized in Spanish wines! She got the job and it has been a great fit! Cecilia loves the work and has been promoted already within the first month.

“The support has been invaluable. We were alone and needed community. I now feel ready to go back out and work toward the life I want.”  

Cecilia’s Son:arnie-2

With a stable home environment, Cecilia’s son has grown tremendously. He feels accepted, acknowledged, and more confident in himself. Having community within the house has reinforced his self-esteem and helped him thrive. Thanks to a generous grant from Marin Charitable, he has received tutoring, his grades have improved, and he is doing well in school. He recently completed middle school and is ready for higher achievements.

Working Together:

Homelessness comes as a surprise to many single moms, causing fear and desperation. Your support provides a safe home, stability, and healing to moms like Cecilia who work hard and desire change. Thank you for making difference!