Coming to Gilead House has been healing—almost like a Band-Aid.

About Brandy:

  • Children: a daughter, 2 years old
  • Profession: Chef at Homeward Bound
  • Time at Gilead House: 6 months

Brandy is the first Gilead House mom to graduate from Fresh Starts Culinary Academy. She completed the intensive 8-week course that prepares students for jobs in the busy culinary industry and is certified by the American Culinary Federation. In addition, she did such a great job, they are keeping her on their full-time cooking staff!

Having support behind me gave me strength and confidence.

Since living at Gilead House, Brandy has grown in confidence both personally and as a parent. Thanks to life skills training and a supportive and encouraging mentor, she has learned to be assertive and advocate for herself and her daughter. Recently, Brandy has gained permanent housing. She is thrilled for the opportunity to live independently and be self-sufficient.

With the financial skills I learned at Gilead House, I am confident that I can function well as a single parent.


Brandy’s Daughter:maliyah-brandys-square

Since living at Gilead House, Brandy’s daughter has found her voice! She is more open, social, and expressive. She is no longer withdrawn and anxious—emotions homeless children often experience. Instead, she has blossomed into a social, active little girl who counts out loud, talks, and even sings!

Working Together:

Gilead House is giving hope to those in the community who need a voice—homeless single moms and their children. Your support brings life-changing programs to moms who are willing to work hard, make positive change, and learn skills to improve their lives and provide for their children.