(Names and photos have been changed to protect privacy)


Gilead House staff provided words of encouragement during times of doubt and clarity in times of confusion.

About Ashley:

  • Children: 10 year old fraternal twins and 5 year old son
  • Profession: Administrative Professional
  • Time at Gilead House: 13 months

Ashley’s Story:

Ashley came to Gilead House fatigued, demoralized, and doubtful that she could make it on her own. She was terrified to be the sole-provider for her children.

Since living at Gilead House, Ashley has grown in confidence and personal strength. Program Coordinator, Kieawnie, encouraged her to leave her job at a local retailer and seek a higher paying job in her field of interest. Now she earns more money, has benefits, and enjoys her work.

The love, support, and encouragement she received at Gilead House has changed her life. She has learned to nurture and develop friendships and parent more effectively.

Ashley recently found affordable, permanent housing and she is thrilled! After living at Gilead House, she feels prepared to care for her new home and live successfully on her own.

Gilead House enabled me to keep my children safe and stable in the same schools and routine.

Thanks to a generous donor, Ashley’s son received a Karate scholarship while at Gilead House. It is an incredible blessing for him to attend Karate lessons and he is thriving! He continues to advance in his class and has moved up to the next belt level. It is a joy to see him learn skills, practice, and accomplish goals.

Working Together:

Through positive, educational programs that promote confidence, self-worth, and personal development, Gilead House gives HOPE to families. Your support changes the lives of homeless moms who are willing to work hard, make change, and become self-sufficient providers for their families.