I’m a better person now. I’m actually stable for the first time since I had my children. I was in survival mode, but now I feel like I have a future.

About Amanda:

  • Children: 8 year-old son and 7 year-old daughter
  • Profession: Administrative Professional
  • Time at Gilead House: 17 months

Amanda’s story is one of gaining stability and hope. Before coming to Gilead House, Amanda was homeless for 3 years, living out of her car, and using the bathroom at a coffee shop to bathe her kids. She had no money for rent and struggled to pay bills with her hourly salary as a coffee barista.

After coming to Gilead House, Amanda has made tremendous strides in her personal and professional life. Through a caring mentor, she has learned to know her self-worth and realize that she can achieve more. With added confidence, she has doubled her hourly wage and now works as an Administrative Professional.

The support I received at Gilead House has been invaluable. The structured environment with rules and curfew has helped me to slow down and stay in control. I’ve learned budgeting, parenting skills, and opened a savings account.

With a renewed sense of hope, Amanda has set high educational goals for herself. Her 10 year plan includes earning a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and law degree. Her dream is to become a Family Law Attorney.

Amanda’s Children:

The change in Amanda’s children since coming to Gilead House has been remarkable. When her daughter first arrived at age 6, she could not read. She struggled at school and was behind in her grade. However, after receiving weekly tutoring at Gilead House for several months, she is now reading fluently!


Amanda’s son has transformed during his time at Gilead House. He no longer suffers from anxiety and worry — emotions that often disturb homeless children. He has grown in confidence, sleeps better, and feels more at peace.


Working Together:

Through positive, educational programs that promote confidence, self-worth, and personal development, Gilead House gives hope to families. This hope drives change, fosters dreams, and empowers moms and children to succeed.

You are making difference in the lives of Amanda and her children.