Giving Tuesday – Give the gift of Education

This Giving Tuesday, please give the Gift of Education to our kids.

The numbers speak for themselves. In the Book of Moms, Marin Community Foundation’s look at the the journey of Marin moms with younger children, they report the following:

  • It takes more than $115,000 a year in income for a family of four to live self-sufficiently in Marin County – the highest in the nation.
  • After paying for rent in Marin County, Latino households are left with $16,367 at the end of the year.
  • A minimum wage worker would have to work six full-time jobs to be self-sufficient in Marin.For the homeless moms that come to Gilead House, most only have a high-school education. As a result, their ability to earn more than a minimum wage is limited at best.





Study after study confirms the value of higher education or a vocational skill. A study by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the premium – in other words, the additional earning potential – between the annual income of one with a high school degree versus one with a college degree is around $30,000. Moreover, a study done by two economists with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York estimated the average annual return on investment from a college degree, net of tuition paid and

lost earnings, at between 9% and 16% per year for a lifetime.

Beyond the financial benefits from earning a degree or a vocation skill ar​e the personal and professional growth opportunities. According to the Census Bureau, 62% of college graduates with two or four-year degrees think their degree was very useful for helping them grow personally and intellectually, while roughly half think it was very useful for opening up job opportunities (53%) or for providing them with useful job-related skills and knowledge (49%).

Our mission is to inspire hope for homeless moms and their children. And we are doing that by evolving our program to address education as an opportunity for escaping the tragedy of homelessness. In the near-term, we plan to support our moms as they work towards an associate degree or vocational certification. In the longer-term, we plan to help fund the education of our mom’s children to ensure they have the opportunity to succeed.

Our focus this Giving Tuesday is to build an Education Endowment Fund that will provide the opportunity of education to the children of our moms – both current and future – when they reach an appropriate age. Your generosity this Giving Tuesday will go directly to that fund. And to make your gift even more valuable, we have been blessed with a $20,000 matching challenge from an anonymous donor – this allows you to double the value of your contribution.

Please support this cause and to give a gift of education to one of our kids.