Bonnie and Dan have been involved with Gilead House since its early years in 2000. They first heard about the program when Dan was serving as an Elder on the Missions Committee at Presbyterian Church of Novato. Soon after, Dan became a member of the Gilead House Board under the leadership of Ron Lovetri.

Dan remembers the time fondly saying, “It was a pleasure to work with Ron, he was the captain of the ship and helped steer it in the correct direction. I feel that today’s success of Gilead House is in part due to Ron. The board members that I served with were bright, filled with ideas, and doers. Gilead House is more than a house; it is a team.”

The Kirpes participated in early fundraising events including the much loved Olive Harvest. In addition, Dan did maintenance and painted at the first Gilead House rental unit. The Kirpes moved away from Novato in 2005, ending their personal involvement with Gilead House, but we continued our monthly financial support to this day. They enjoy seeing the progress that has been made over the years.

Dan believes, “none of this would be possible without detailed and yet visionary leadership, a compassionate staff, boundless energy from the many volunteers of every skill and interest level, and from the donors large and small.  Everyone should be humbly proud of their part in the creation and daily support of an organization and its mission of supporting homeless mothers with children.”

Thank you Bonnie and Dan for your years of faithful service.