COVID-19: We need your help.


Hi to all,

This is an unprecedented time as we navigate through new territory with the Coronavirus. I hope and pray that each of you, along with your families are healthy and taking all necessary precautions to stay healthy.

Our goal at Gilead House is to provide a safe and stable environment for our moms and their families – one that allows each to address their own unique issues and focus on their individual path to self-reliance. Our moms crave certainty and consistency, and uncertain times like these create challenges that work to undermine their sense of safety and stability.

When I speak about homelessness, I often talk about the “rock on the windshield” effect. To me, that’s when a small, innocuous event occurs – like a rock hitting a windshield – that results in a crack that must be repaired. The repair requires time off from an hourly job which in turn results in a reduction in pay which leads to an inability to cover rent costs which causes a potential eviction. For our moms, it could be a rock on the windshield, but more often than not it’s a sick child or a court appointment or the need to meet with a teacher or any number of other things that we take for granted.

As many of you know, the Novato Unified School District has announced that it is shutting down all classes for at least the next few weeks. This decision, while certainly warranted as a precaution, will directly impact our moms since their children will not be able to attend school or daycare. As a result, most will be unable to go to their jobs because of the need to stay home with their kids, which in turn will directly impact their paychecks. Gilead House is developing a contingency plan to support our families’ financial and physical needs. With the evaporation of childcare and income, our families are amongst the most vulnerable populations. They will require support affording essential pantry items, diapers, medicine, and other necessities.

As we work to come up with ideas to support our families, we had one where you might be able to help us. Remember all of those old store gift cards you may have gotten for Christmas, a birthday other holidays? Maybe they’re stuffed in your wallet or loose in a drawer. If you can find those and don’t have any immediate need for them, we could certainly use them as gifts to our moms so that they can be used to purchase needed items during this time. If you have any unused gift cards lying around, any other items that might support a family, or would just like to make a donation to support a mom, we would be more than grateful for your assistance.

At Gilead House, we know our mission is delivered through the unselfish generosity of so many supporters. For all that you do, we simply say thanks.

Please remain safe and continue to pray for our moms.

Best wishes,

Mike Smylie

President, Board of Directors

(415) 895-5575