Client Intake

Who we are:

  • Gilead House is a transitional housing program for single mothers and their children. It is a place of hope, healing, and life-changing transformation.
  • The Gilead Way consists of practical steps and programs empowering women to reach their full potential. Moms enter the disciplined program to learn new life skills on many levels including securing employment, completing school, gaining financial intelligence, improving parenting skills, bettering nutrition, and for those in need, the 12-step movement. Moms then have the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to their children.
  • Gilead House does NOT provide emergency services.

Requirements for all Gilead House residents:

  • Must be a single mother with at least 50% custody of her children.
  • Must be at least 12 months clean and sober, and actively involved in the recovery community, if applicable.
  • Must work at least 32 hours a week or be actively seeking employment.
  • Must participate in Life Skills classes throughout the week.
  • Must be willing to take random monthly drug and alcohol tests.
  • Must be motivated to make life changes towards the goal of self-sufficiency.


  • The intake process takes an average of 2- 4 weeks for processing, and move-in is dependent on space available.
  • If you are currently in Marin County, Gilead House ONLY receives referrals from applicants who are participating in the following partnering agencies:
  • Referring agency will complete intake. Client referral form will be forwarded to Gilead House.
  • Gilead House Program Coordinator will contact client directly to arrange an interview.
  • Face to face interview with Program Coordinator.
  • Drug test and additional laboratory screening, background check and reference check.
  • Acceptance or denial into the program.
  • If you are living OUTSIDE Marin County, CLICK THIS LINK and complete the form. DO NOT call agency list for referrals.

◊ Due to the large volume of phone calls received from interested applicants, calls will only be returned on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Equal access to services policy:

Gilead House does not discriminate. Beyond meeting the specified admission criteria, no person shall be denied services at Gilead House on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, or other unlawful basis.