Our Mission

To inspire hope and empower homeless single moms and their children toward financial stability and independence.


Gilead House-I

Located in Novato, California, Gilead House is a residential home that houses up to six families. Each family receives a private bedroom, bathroom, and closet. The main living areas in the house are shared including the kitchen, playroom, living room, dining room, and laundry facilities. Families live at Gilead House for up to 12 months and must actively participate in the Gilead Way program.

Gilead House-II

Families are eligible to live at Gilead House-II after successfully achieving their goals at Gilead House-I and based on the recommendation of their support team. Families can reside at Gilead House-II for up to 12 months. Families continue to receive case support and participate in educational classes.

The Gilead Way

Gilead House is so much more than a safe respite from the threatening uncertainties of homelessness, domestic violence and the many forms of addiction. There is the Gilead House and there is also the Gilead Way. Yes, our task is to love and care for those struggling with challenging circumstances, but our task is also to assist them to help themselves chart a new course in life.

The Gilead Way empowers women to reach their full potential. Moms enter the disciplined program to learn new life skills including securing employment, completing school, acquiring financial intelligence, improving parenting skills, learning better nutrition, and for those needful, entering a 12-step program. Here is gained a leveraging multiplier effect because mothers then have the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to their children.

The goal is to get moms and children off the streets and into a safe temporary home. From there each family creates a self-sufficiency action plan with written goals and objectives to help them move towards economic stability. During weekly meetings with the mentors and Director of Family Services, moms review their progress towards self-sufficiency, working a monthly budget, discussing employment/education opportunities, next step stable housing, positive health, therapy, and life skills workshops.


Moving Families to independent living is only made possible because of the generosity of people who believe in empowering families. Volunteer contributions are necessary for the following programs: Life Skills Education, Childcare, Project: Serve, Mentor a Mom & Prayer. Learn More


What's happening at Gilead House