Meet Our Families

Gilead FamilyFamilies come to Gilead House in need of hope, stability, a place to heal and a chance for a new beginning. Our moms may have been homeless or at-risk of being homeless. They may have been victims of domestic violence, recovering from chemical dependency, or a situation that resulted in financial distress such as a job loss, divorce or other significant financial loss. They leave Gilead House with a sense of purpose, improved economic self-sufficiency and hope for a better future for their family. Read stories from our resident moms and be inspired.

J’s Story

“Now, my life is so different. I am married with another child and have my own housecleaning business.” [Read more…]

S’s Story

“I thank God every day for His leading and healing and the Gilead House for saying “yes” to me and my children.” [Read more…]

T’s Story

“In the last few months at Gilead House, I have learned the difference between surviving and thriving.” [Read more…]